Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Since We Last Met...

Fall is in full swing which means that I have spent my free time grading papers, lesson planning, trying to keep my home clean among other things. I am thankful that Michael has been home a lot lately! I am also thankful for Facebook as I it keeps me in the loop! =)

My precious 4th graders:

We celebrated 2 years of marriage!!

Grandpa Lummen's 85th Birthday!

On the Riverwalk for Grandpa's birthday party!

Mimi, Tracey, Hannah, Eli, and Laura
Celebrating Grandpa's birthday!

Eli wearing a Play-dough hat made by Grandpa Jim

Me in a deer blind...

Hunting with my hubby!!

Baby Cal at Halloween!

Mark Tucker, Matt Srp, Mike Srp and Rob Tucker
Hunting at Contigo Ranch!

Joe, MC, Christian and Mike
at the Geneva Gala!