Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Happy Birthday Mimi!

Happy Birthday Mimi!

1st Mother's Day!

My 1st Mother's Day was fabulous! We are not brave enough to attempt church again just yet, so we slept in on Sunday morning. Crockett slept until 8:30! We made homemade waffles and enjoyed a lazy morning as a family of 3. Crockett and daddy gave me a really sweet card and a new diaper bag! 

Crockett and I spent the day together while daddy played golf. He said he was one of the only guys on the course.... wonder why?!?! I really didn't mind because it gave me some alone time at home to get things ready for going back to school this week. While Crockett napped, I did laundry and ironed. We took a long walk and then met daddy for an early dinner at Tiagos. 

I've been giving Crockett a bottle everyday this week to get him used to them. Thankfully he takes them like a champ! Mama C and Mimi will hopefully have no problem while I'm at school. 

On Sunday evening we stopped by to visit Mimi and Pa and wish Mimi a Happy Mother's Day! 

Crockett and I were SO HOT after our walk... we laid on his play mat to cool off! He LOVES to look up at the mirror and smile at "the baby" in the mirror. It is precious!

One last picture of our little mister... after his 2 month shots on Friday. 

Friday, May 6, 2011

Crockett 2 Months Old

Crockett celebrated his 2 month birthday on May 3, 2011. We were in Austin and set up a little photo shoot to document the occasion. 

Thank you Aunt Emma for Photoshopping this precious picture!

I love this picture because this is the face that Crockett often gives me. Those big blue eyes make me melt every time!!

When we got home to Boerne, daddy helped with one more photo shoot. Crockett was not as excited this time but he did give us a few cute faces.

Then we started to tip over...

And the photo shoot wrapped with this...

Here is a comparison of Crockett at 1 month and 2 months old:

At his 2 month well check today he weighed 11 lbs 14 oz and was 22.3 in long. He took his shots like a champ but showed us just how loud his voice really is! 

Everything looked great and Dr. Garza told Michael and I to "keep doing what you are doing!" He was impressed with Crockett's ability to hold his head up and his love for sleeping... he jokingly asked if we wanted to trade with his little boy. =)

Crockett & Hunter

Crockett and I headed to Austin this week while daddy was in Arkansas on business. Mama C was having a Purepaper and Liz James Jewelry show at her house, so Crockett got to meet lots of special ladies! 

Kimberley & Hunter stopped by and we got a chance to compare the boys again. I am thankful to have a friend to walk through this stage of life with. Hunter is just precious! The boys have both grown since we were together last, which was only 2 weeks ago. 

Monday, May 2, 2011

Visit to Geneva

Crockett and I visited my precious class on Tuesday, April 19th. They were SO GIDDY and EXCITED to meet the little baby that they had been praying for! 

It was a treat to see all of my students again! My favorite comment was, "Mrs. Srp... you look so different than I remember!" 

My last day of school was 1 day "over due"... February 25th and THIS is what I looked like:

(4th Grade Medieval Feast & Faire)

Not my best look... Let's hope I look "different" than that!! 

(Crockett with Mrs. Srp's 4th Grade Class) 

Of course I jumped at the chance to dress up my little man. He looked adorable in these seersucker overalls! (Thanks Cousin Eli & Cousin Cullen!)

I am going back to school for the last 2.5 weeks starting Wednesday, May 11th. Crockett's Mimi and Mama C have GENEROUSLY offered to babysit so that I can finish the school year. Isn't he lucky?!?!