Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Crockett's 1st Birthday

Crockett James Srp celebrated his 1st birthday on March 3, 2012. We survived a whole year!

{Good morning birthday boy!}

We were able to have Crockett's party on his actual birthday because it fell on Saturday. We had a party at the park in our neighborhood. It was a beautiful sunny day but it was SO (annoyingly) WINDY! We will always remember Crockett's first year by his monthly necktie pictures... a necktie themed party seemed perfectly appropriate! 

{Birthday party invitation}

{The cupcake table before the wind knocked it over}

{Crockett's baseball smash cake}

{Party favors}

{Thanks to the wind this lovely birthday banner was twisted and tangled}

{On the food tables, we put framed out-take pictures from the invitation}

{We had fruit, veggies, Chick-Fil-A nuggets & wraps, chips & cupcakes}

{Mommy & Daddy with the birthday boy}

{Someone was still in a daze from nap time}

{My little sister came all the way from Dallas to celebrate}

{My sweet friend Carolyn Ann drove in from Austin to par-tay}

{Crockett and his Gymboree buddy Caleb}

{Crockett's precious little buddy, Miss Reese}

{Oh yeah... my little sister is PREGNANT with the 1st Crockett girl cousin!!!!}

{Babies in neckties}

{Crockett LOVES the park}
{Happy 1st Birthday to our baby!}

{He LOVED every. bite. of. cake.}

{Crockett shares my dad's birthday. 1 & 61 this year!}

{Crockett has the best Mimi & Grandpa!}

{Crockett, your mommy would not have made it through our first year without Mama C}

{Birthday boys! Must photoshop Crockett's face... this picture is too precious!}

{Thank you grandpa for swinging with Crockett while we cleaned up the park}

{Before nap time with his Mama C & Bogey}

{We opened a few gifts before nap. Yes, he was this excited about Goldfish!}

{A Gymboree tunnel from my Gymboree friends! Awesome!}

{Our little wind burned buddy sound asleep for the night!}

Thank you Mimi, Grandpa, Mama C, Bogey, Aunt Emma, & Daddy for ALL of the help preparing and setting up the big birthday bash! I couldn't have done it with out y'all! 

Happy Birthday Crockett James... Best year of our lives by far!!