Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I usually have some lame excuse for going a whole month with out blogging... not this time! Life has been a roller coster lately and needless to say blogging has taken a back seat. 

To make a long story "short," I went to the doctor on April 16th for what I thought was my first prenatal appointment. We thought that we were 8 weeks pregnant! At which time the doctor did not find a heart beat and recommended that I have blood work done and come back in a week. At the next appointment the doctor was encouraged because my hCG (pregnancy hormone) had increased. However the sonogram again showed no heart beat. She told me that it did not look like a miscarriage but a very rare pregnancy called a "Molar Pregnancy." She sent me that day to a radiologist to get a second opinion. The radiologist confirmed her diagnosis of a Molar Pregnancy. The simplest way to define a Molar Pregnancy is to say that instead of a fetus there was a "tumor" in my uterus that secreted the pregnancy hormone. Feel free to google if you are still curious!
The following week I had a D&C to remove the tissue. My mom and Mike took great care of me and I had a very smooth recovery. When the doctor came out of the OR to tell them that I was in recovery she said that from what she saw the tissue did not look like it had any fetal tissue. Then she proceeded to tell them that she still believed that it was a complete Molar Pregnancy. Not what they were hoping to hear. 

The preliminary pathology reports came in 3 days later and the doctor called me to tell me that it showed a complete Molar Pregnancy. This was heart breaking news... not life threatening but it meant a VERY long road ahead... blood tests weekly for 6 weeks followed by blood tests monthly for a year and we would not be able to try again for at least 12 months. The blood tests would be monitoring my hCG level to make sure that the tumor did not return at which point chemotherapy would be given. Needless to say the future was looking dim and scary. I found comfort in the fact that none of this caught my Lord and Savior by surprise. The final pathology would take another 10 days to come in... so it was hurry up and wait... and PRAY for a miracle!

Yesterday I went to the doctor to receive the final pathology- a chromosome analysis- and I am thrilled to be able to share with you that we serve a God who still performs MIRACLES!! The doctor said that she had no explanation for the pathology results short of a miracle! What was thought to be a complete Molar Pregnancy turned out to be a miscarriage. This was THE VERY BEST NEWS we could have received yesterday... Praise the Lord for such fabulous news!! He allowed us to see a miracle first hand!

We are overjoyed with the news that we can try again as soon as we like... we are no longer in the waiting game! Yes, it is sad that we miscarried... I'm sure the reality of this will sink in as more time passes... but for now we are stunned that God was so gracious to give us ONLY a miscarriage and not a molar pregnancy. 

My wonderful husband has had such a positive out look over the last month. He has the best sense of humor and has made me bust out laughing many times! We both found it weird to think that we had created a "mole" and not a baby... Mike cracked some funny ones for sure! 

I have learned many lessons throughout this storm. 

I knew that I served a God who "works all together for good for those who love him" but I got to experience that first hand! 

I have learned that I like to be in control.... yes, this is an elementary fact but I have learned that only God is truly in control and I am grateful for this. 

I have learned that the God I serve is bigger than science. 

I have learned that the God I serve still performs miracles.