Tuesday, September 6, 2011

1st & 2nd Hair Cut

"What has surprised you the most about being a mom?" asked my parents a few months ago. I tried to come up with a serious answer but truly the biggest surprise about baby Crockett was the fact that he was born with a full head of DARK hair! 

I have 5 nieces and nephews and they were all bald or had a little bit of light hair when they were born. Michael and I were both bald babies so I assumed that Crockett would be too.

Crockett's hair on March 3, 2011

I secretly hoped that he would keep the dark hair. 
I mean look how adorable he looks?

At 6 weeks old he started to show signs of it falling out.

I took this picture on Easter Sunday to document his dark hair.

Once I realized that the dark hair wasn't here to stay, I started to document it falling out. 
 It started to look ridiculous... 
Even Crockett, as cute as he is, couldn't pull off a shaggy mullet! 

So, we called in the professional... Crockett's Aunt CAT (Carolyn Ann Taylor) my best friend from high school just happens to be the best hair stylist in all of Austin, Texas. 

Crockett had to check in every once in a while to see who it was that kept touching his hair. 

He started to get a little fussy, so daddy stepped in to help speed up the process. 

Aunt CAT did a fabulous job cleaning up the shaggy mullet and she made sure to save a few clumps of hair for me to put in his baby book. 

Then Crockett went to stay with Mama C and Bogey for the weekend and got round 2 of his first hair cut. Mama C was ready for the mullet to disappear! She has cut all of our hair at some point and the story is now true for her 2 grandsons.

Crockett is now sporting a clean cut/shaved hair style. If you didn't know better you would think he was born with very little hair. 

As sad as I was to see his dark hair gone, I think it looks better! 

His new hair is slowly filling in...
It is looking much lighter and maybe has a little strawberry tint to it?!?! 

I. cannot. wait. for. him. to. have. a. full. head. of. hair .again!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Half of a Year.

Really? 6 months? Half of a year? 

TIME FLIES when you are in love!!

My daddy does a really good job making me smile!

But sometime the noises he makes confuse me. 

To celebrate my 6 month birthday I...

slept 13. 5 hours last night

took a 2 hour morning nap 

ate butternut squash for the 1st time at lunch

took a 2 hour afternoon nap 
(Nap Camp y'all... THANK YOU VERY MUCH!)

and watched college football with daddy!! 

Cousin Play Date

Crockett met his cousins at the new yogurt place in Boerne for a play date. He was a good sport about being the only one who couldn't have any frozen yogurt... mommy tricked him with a bottle! 

Before we left, Crockett and mommy had a little photo shoot in preparation for his 6 month picture the next day... the pictures were too cute not to share!

Can you tell that our dads are identical twins?!?! 

Crockett (6 months) Cullen (21.5 months)

Crockett (6 months) Eli (3.5 years)

Crockett is so lucky to have 4 of his 5 cousins live so close! (I have no cousins so I think that it is especially cool that Crockett already has 5!!) 


It is hot in Texas and we are so grateful to have a pool to cool off in! Crockett's Mimi & Pa live in our neighborhood and they have a fabulous pool in their back yard. We have spent many afternoons splishing and splashing! 

Crockett gets excited when he sees the water!

We have out grown our adorable crawfish swim trunks (boo)... so a swim diaper is how we roll! 

Crockett loves his float!

Crockett loves to lick the pool water. Sick. 

Mommy loves to swim as much as Crockett! 

Thanks Mimi and Pa for always sharing your pool with us!