Saturday, December 17, 2011

9 Months Old

Happy 9 months Mister! You are so much fun and the love of our lives! 

You love to sit and play with your toys... especially when we are sitting right next to you. Although you are not crawling, you are getting stronger and are able to pick up and move one hand at a time. 

You continue to being a great eater. The doctor suggested that you need to eat more protein... after testing baby food meat, we have found that you love Gerber Chicken and Apples. You have also fallen in love with Cheerios.

You are still a fabulous sleeper! Your mommy loves your 12 hour night time sleep and 2 naps during the day... let's keep it up buddy!! 

You still hate your car seat... I heard a rumor that Santa might bring you a big boy one for Christmas! 
{Burrrrrr.... Mommy it is cold! Can we please go inside??!?!}

You learned to mumble "mumumum" and "mamamama" this week... your daddy made fun of mommy because I claimed that it "melted my heart." Just wait until he hears "daddaddad." 

You are a sweet little boy! We love how you get excited with your whole body. It is so much fun to watch you grown and learn. 

November and a Little December

Bath time continues to be a highlight in Crockett's day. Michael snapped a few pictures while I was out with some Gymboree moms for dinner. It was the perfect treat to come home to! 

We celebrated Cullen's 2nd birthday with the family at the new restaurant in Boerne, Boo Dawgs. 

 Crockett LOVES his cousins and always tries to kiss them... yes, even the boys! 

We celebrated Thanksgiving in Austin this year. It was a small group around the dinner table, but a sweet time. After filling our bellies with some yummy food, we talked to Brooke, Bo & Cal in Connecticut. My precious Papa is 91 years old and was BLOWN AWAY by FaceTime. 

My parents live on the practice putting green at Barton Creek Country Club. Some of their dear friends, the Gressetts live a few houses down. We met on the green with the babies to give thanks!
 {The Srps, The Somers, & The Gressetts}

Crockett and his buddies Hudson Somers and Lucy Bell Gressett. 

We put our Christmas tree up when we got home from Austin. I really thought Crockett would be crawling around and pulling ornaments off of the tree... but thankfully he is still not crawling. Although we are getting closer by the day! 

Crockett was invited to a birthday party for our new neighbor, Cole Davis. It was a special party because Santa was invited! As you can see, Crockett was terrified of the special guest! 

Maybe if Mommy sits on Santa's lap and holds you it will help.... 
No luck. 

It has been a great beginning to the holiday season. We are loving reliving the thrills of Christmas now that we have a little one... Merry Christmas Y'all!