Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

Picture overload.

We visited the Boerne pumpkin patch last week to snap a few pictures. Here are some of our favorites!

Crockett was very in to the dirt.


It has happened again. I am behind on blogging. My best excuse is that we SOLD OUR HOUSE and have to be out in 30 days... but that only covers about 2 weeks worth of blogging absence... the other 5 weeks are excuse-less.

Now that I've explained myself... let's get to the good stuff. Pictures!

When Crockett turned 6 months, we started solids. I have made most of his baby food. I started making it when he was only 5 months old and stocked the freezer full. I've already had to make a new batch of squash, peaches and pears. The first food he had beside baby cereal was butternut squash. It is still one of his favorites!

Crockett's cousin Hailey Yost turned 1 on September 19th. We loved celebrating with our family!

Crockett's cousin Hannah is a wonderful helper! She is a little mommy in training!

An attempt at a cousin picture!

The next day we celebrated Mimi & Pa's 40th wedding anniversary! Aunt Laura is awesome because she let's Crockett play with her jewelry!

 Mimi and Pa with all 5 of their grandkids!

Crockett has a new favorite... he LOVES this net thing. I cut up a chunk of apple and put it in for him to suck on... it gives me a solid 15 minute break... so I also have a new favorite!

On October 3, Crockett turned 7 months!

We spent the first weekend in October in Austin for my 10 year high school reunion. We met Kimberley and Hunter at Lady Bird Lake for an afternoon walk.

Crockett and Hunter checking each other out.

These guys will be buds for life!

After Crockett's nap, he spent some time on the putting green at Mama C and Bogey's house.

Crockett still LOVES bath time!

Play date at the park with some friends from high school. Really is hard to believe that we have babies!!

10 year reunion party with some of my favorites!

My sweet friend Katherine married her prince charming this past weekend. Thanks to Mama C, Michael and I had a baby-free weekend in Fort Worth to celebrate Mr. and Mrs. Whit Wolman!

And... Michael and I celebrated 4 years of marriage on October 20th. Michael thought up this idea and I agreed... why not continue the trend of documenting milestones with ties!?!?!

Ok, back to packing boxes. Rent house here we come!