Thursday, February 23, 2012

He is Becoming a Little Boy

Maybe it is the sentimental, reminiscent moments of "this time last year" that I have had lately with Crockett's 1st birthday just a few days away... but it seems that my baby is becoming a little boy. This is bittersweet... however, Michael and I find ourselves saying daily that he is SO MUCH FUN right now! 

He sits and plays with trucks. Pushing them back and forth. 

His new favorite place to crawl into is the pantry. These waters, teas and Sunkists have babysat for upwards of 10 minutes at a time!

The other day I saw him repeatedly lifting the can and tilting his head back... it AMAZES me what they pick up on! 

Babies are sweet but having a little boy is SUCH A JOY! I'm loving it!! 

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Well, It Happened...

Well, it happened. Crockett finally found the cat food and water. 

And he proceeded to grab handfuls and drop them on the floor.

Although Emerson was done eating and left... Crockett stayed to play.

And yes, I let him make a mess for a little longer so that I could snap some pictures! 

So long baby who loves to sit. Hello baby who is into everything! 

{PRAYING that he doesn't find the cat litter... when he does, there will be NO extra play in the kitty litter time so mommy can snap a picture!}

Sunday, February 19, 2012


Our sweet little Crockett had his first real sickness this past week. 

It started with a little cough and congestion on Monday. 

On Tuesday afternoon Crockett refused his bottle. 

On Wednesday he refused every bottle. 

On Thursday morning I called the doctor to see if they had any suggestions. The nurse said it could be related to the congestion. She suggested offering Pedilyte in a sippy cup and not to worry about the milk. She said to bring him in if he had a fever. WHAT?!?! Don't worry about the lack of milk?!?! Ok. Fine. I tried but deep down I was concerned. 

Late that afternoon our little guy had a fever of 102. It stayed this high even with Tylenol all night long. He was up 3 times. I called the doctor's office at 8:00 am on the dot. I was able to get him an appointment for 1:15. 

I waited patiently while my little love bug slept all morning. While he was awake he had shivers and blue lips but was super hot to the touch. Scary. I had to wake him to take him to to doctor. I HATE waking a sleeping baby!!

The doctor diagnosed Crockett with Gingivostomatitis. "an infection of the mouth and gums that leads to swelling and sores." 

Crockett had red bumps on his tongue and one larger blister on the back of his tongue. No wonder he didn't want to suck on a bottle. Uh!

The doctor said he would likely run a high fever for 2 more days and the virus would take about 7 days to run it's course. Awesome. 

He said we could try giving him Gatorade in a syringe or in a frozen popsicle. Our biggest concern was keeping him hydrated. At this point he had not had a wet diaper in 24 hours.

The doctor said to take him to the ER if we noticed him being lethargic and his skin clammy and doughy. If the fever was still present on Monday we should take him back to the doctor. Ok, sounds like a fun weekend! 

Friday night Crockett's fever spiked to 103.3. Poor little guy was on fire! We were able to keep it down to 101.5 with Tylenol. 

He slept until 9:00 am on  Saturday. He usually wakes up at 7:30 am.

Thankfully he would eat baby food like normal. And he would take about 5 syringes of Gatorade at a time.

Crockett wanted to be held all day on Saturday. He and I cuddled on the couch and in our bed while watching cartoons and Baby Einstein. He fell asleep in my arms on our bed for about 1 hour. Then he woke up when I tried to move to go to the bathroom. Of course! 

The fever slowly went down on Saturday. By the time we put him to bed last night we could tell he was feeling better and his temp was 98.9! Woohoo! 

This morning Crockett had no fever and HE DRANK 8oz of MILK IN A BOTTLE!!! 

Our little guy is feeling much better! He took a 3 hour nap this morning, he is clearly still recovering. We are on the mends and hoping to be back to normal by mid week. 

The kid has a big birthday to celebrate in 13 days!! 

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day around our house is usually low key. Michael and I are not really the romantic dinner couple. I am however a gift giver and lover! So, Valentine's Day is another excuse to spoil my loves with gifts! 

My sweet husband plays along with my gift giving issue. 

Crockett received some really sweet and fun 1st Valentine's Day cards from his extended family. Here are all of the good piled up on the dinner table!

Crockett's Valentine, cousin Hailey came over for an early morning play date!

Hailey helped Crockett to open his Baby Einstein DVDs from Mimi & Grandpa! Crockett's favorite!

Mommy and Daddy gave Crockett a few little gifts in one BIG bag. He LOVED the tissue paper. 

"Really, this stuff is AWESOME!!!" 

"Wait a second. Is that green ball for me!?!?!"

Crockett has a favorite book titled, "What am I?".... Mommy found "Who am I?" on Amazon. It was a huge hit! Our little buddy LOVES to read!!

Crockett's favorite blanket is his brown and blue Little Giraffe blanket. He gets giddy and will crawl across the room to get it! We gave him the matching pillow! He loves it just as much as the blanket! 

 Like I said, my sweet husband plays along with the gift giving thing. He and Crockett surprised me with these TOMS sunglasses! 

Crockett also got a card and package from Mama C & Bogey. Big boy sippy cups and bath toys!!! 

I think these bath toys are precious!! 

All in all, Crockett's 1st Valentine's Day was fabulous! The perfect excuse to love on him and shower him with hugs and kisses!! 

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Birthday Invitation

Thanks to Pinterest, I was inspired to do a picture invitation for Crockett's 1st birthday party. He is usually pretty good at sitting and looking at the camera so I was hopeful. 

My inspiration came from photos like these...

Here is the invitation that we sent out. It was mounted on navy blue card stock and mailed in a kelly green envelope. 

I was beyond THRILLED that it worked. We actually got a picture of him with the party hat and tie on, balloons in the back ground and Crockett is smiling... to top it off he is LOOKING at the camera! 

How did we do it? I'm not sure... but I do know that my husband is a really good sport. He did some silly dancing and voices behind me. He is a fabulous assistant! 

The invitation picture is misleading though. Crockett was not giggly and smiling the whole time. In fact he was not very excited with this little adventure. 

It started off good... then I remembered that we left the party hat in the car. 

"Wait. Y'all want me to smile? How about a blank stare?"

"Or, what if I sing?"

I have about 10 shots just like this... Daddy was consoling Crockett while I worked on the lighting. 

"What is with the neck tie mom? Enough already, take it OFF!"

"Dear God, Please let this end soon!"

"I am miserable! Please make it STOP!"

By this point... we gave up and decided to try again another day. 

As we walked back to the car I was super bummed. Then I thought maybe we can try one more time. The light had changed and the wind had died down. 

Guess what? This was the first and last one! Success!

As we drove back to the house I was a giddy mommy! It worked! We had the perfect picture for the invitation!! Crockett was pumped because we were done, Daddy was pumped because we were done, and I was pumped because my vision was coming true! 

I have been a busy little bee crafting and preparing for our neck tie themed party in a few weeks. If you know me, you know that I LOVE LOVE LOVE birthdays and presents. I cannot wait to celebrate his big day!

11 Months

Our little man turned 11 months on February 3, 2012. Only one more month and he will have been here for a year?!!?! Wow. That went fast! 

 Crockett has changed and developed a lot in the last couple of months. He is really growing up and dare I say turning into a little boy. He is FINALLY crawling and we are loving it! Thankfully he hasn't figured out the freedom that comes with crawling... the kid still loves to sit and play.

We have been practicing clapping, waving and showing how big he is. I LOVE the rush when you watch him learn and understand new things. It's a thousand times as sweet as it used to be in my classroom!

I remember buying these snowflake pjs in November and they were SUPER long. He is always a good sport when we set up the monthly photo shoot. 

Will he be walking by one year? I hope so but I'm guessing it will be more like 13 months. He LOVES to stand but is not steady enough to balance and take a step on his own yet. 

Crockett and I have attended classes at Gymboree since he was 4 months old. The Lord has blessed us with these amazing women. They are my sounding board and encouragement. There is a new cupcake shop by Gymboree that we visited after class one day. They were super yummy!

Crockett has a new buddy named Anna Kate. She and Crockett are one day a part in age. Anna Kate's mommy is in my BSF group this year. She has come over twice for play dates this month. Crockett really enjoys having a friend over!

Crockett LOVES his bucket of balls. He has figured out how to crawl into them and cover himself. We are LOVING this age of discovery!

Anna Kate's second play date was early one morning last week while her mommy went to the doctor. The kids both napped for me and played so well together. What could be better than a play date in your pjs?!?

Crockett's 1st birthday is just around the corner. We mailed out his invitations last week. Here is a sneak peak... more to come with fabulous out takes!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Crockett 10 Months

Yes, I know... tomorrow is February 3, 2012 and Crockett will be 11 months old. So I better get this post up in the next 24 hours! Uh... I'm behind and I hate it. HATE IT! 

Crockett's 10th month had all kinds of developmental growth along with physical growth. 

A few photo shoot out takes. He LOVES to put his hands on his head... a lot of times he puts Cheerios or toys up there. It is hilarious!

Thought I would include some pictures from my phone of the past month. All dressed up for a day of running errands with Mommy! The highlight is meeting Daddy for lunch!

Swinging at the park is a new favorite late afternoon activity!

My Daddy is AWESOME!

And so is my Daddy's truck!

I have learned to sit up in my crib! I can also pull up and stand... Mommy and Daddy had to lower my mattress this month!

I LOVE to play with Emerson... he is a good sport and plays back!

 I've learned to take my hat off and I think it is really funny when Daddy takes his on and off!

I now take baths in the big bath tub!

I got this AWESOME tricycle and it is SO MUCH FUN!

I have mastered drinking from a sippy cup!

I am easily entertained by the old diaper box!

Mommy made pancakes for us one Saturday morning! I always have to observe and touch my food before I put it in my mouth.

I seemed to really like it!

However, in typical Crockett fashion, after this picture I gagged and threw up all over myself. Uh! Mommy and Daddy are patiently working with me on my gag reflex. The speech therapist suggested that I chew on a tooth brush to break down the existing reflex. It seems to be working!

Crockett, 10 months was a really fun age! You are developing and learning daily and we are having a blast watching you! It is truly amazing to watch you grow up... God is in every detail of our lives and we are thankful that he has given you to us to raise! We love you buddy!

Ok, I can rest now knowing that we can celebrate 11 months tomorrow without needing to update the blog with Christmas and 10 months. :)