Tuesday, November 30, 2010

He Has a Name!

Back in October we decided on a name for our baby boy!

When thinking about a name Michael was the BEST at coming up with good ideas. Thankfully we have similar taste and were looking for the same kind of name. We both wanted the name to be "unique" but not hard to say or spell (have you seen our last name?!?!) I have always been confused for a boy (we get mail weekly addressed to Mr. Christian Srp)... so it was important to me that his name not be girly... I wanted it to be clear that he is a boy! We wanted the name to sound country but not hick. We both liked the idea of using a family name... so...

After much discussion we have chosen to name our first baby:

Crockett James Srp

Crockett is my maiden name- my little sister and I had to fight over this- she gracefully conceded.
James is Michael's middle name, his twin brother's middle name, and their dad and grandfather's first name.

I have already had a few items monogramed with his name and initials! Here is a picture of the fabric for a pillow that I am having made for his nursery...

It is so fun to refer to our little baby as Crockett... I love to pray for him by name! 

Belly Pic Update

This post is OVER DUE!! Sorry. 

Ok, the last belly pic that I posted was at 19 weeks:

20 Weeks

21 Weeks

Lauren said that I should pull my cardigan back so that you could see the belly better... and we ended up with this:

 22 Weeks
Celebrating 3 years of marriage!

24 Weeks 
And looking TIRED.

25 Weeks

26 Weeks

I will be 28 weeks on Thursday- I promise to be better about posting pictures!