Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Callan Harstad Crockett

I am thrilled to announce that Callan Harstad Crockett was born early this morning to my brother and his wife!!! Just like his daddy, (Michael Beaumont Crockett, "Bo") the new bundle of joy will go by a given nickname... "Cal" Crockett. Precious. 

Brooke and Cal... what a sweet moment! 

(For my readers who don't know my brother...)
Bo and Brooke live in New Haven, CT where he works as an architect and she works for Yale University. They are high school sweethearts who recently celebrated their 5 year wedding anniversary! (4.10.09) An outgoing, creative and adventurous pair that will be fabulous parents! Baby Cal will be raised in a warm house full of love, prayers and lots of playfulness!

The proud mommy and daddy ( a year ago)...

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Sunday

We celebrated our Lord and Savior's resurrection with the Srp family on Sunday! We went to Oak Hills Church with Jim, Kim, Mike, Tracey and Hannah and heard a fabulous Easter message from Max Lucado! Michael and I headed home and I made a tray of deviled eggs... my first attempt was a success! I took this picture to send to my mom... 

Here are a few pictures from Easter Sunday afternoon at the Srp's house...

Christian and Michael

Laura, Matthew, Eli and baby Srp (due in November)

Tracey, Mike and Hannah Yost

Hannah waiting patiently to hunt easter eggs...

Hannah was a professional egg hunter!

Eli's contagious smile... he was so proud of himself when he found an egg!

Eli enjoying the fruits of his labor!

Hannah LOVES her cousin Eli!!

What a wonderful way to spend Easter Sunday! Thank you Jim and Kim for the fabulous food and great company! When we got home, Michael and I found a comfy spot on the couch and spent the rest of the day watching The Master's. We were pulling for Kenny Perry but unfortunately he lost in "double overtime!" Despite the outcome, it was the perfect ending to Easter Sunday! 

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Growing Up

Michael and I have made the comment, "you know you are getting old when..." a lot lately. Here are a few that top our list:

You know you are getting old when... 

5. You eat dinner before 6:00 and staying up late is past 10:00

4. You (Michael) listen to talk radio

3. You grunt or fart on accident

2. You are excited about spending all day on Saturday working in the yard

1. You (Christian) have a colonoscopy!

It's true... at 26 years old, I had a colonoscopy. Thankfully, everything went well during the procedure. The "prep" the day before was by far the worst part! I had to drink 3 of the 4 liters of TriLyte (hell in liquid form) before I was "clear". I do not remember any of the procedure or the 4 hours after. Michael says that I was very entertaining and asked the same question over and over... "why are you laughing at me?" I can only imagine what else I asked him that was making him laugh so much! The good news is that the doctor did not find anything alarming and will go over the details on my follow up appointment next week. Thank you to everyone that was praying for my procedure.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Noah Winston Graham

My brother and his wife Brooke are expecting their first baby in just a few weeks!! For those of you who don't know... both my brother (Bo) and I are married to identical twins... what are the chances?!?

I am excited to announce that Brooke's twin sister Laura had a little baby boy today... Noah Winston Graham. He was 7 lb 15 oz. Bo sent me a text message earlier saying that everyone is doing well. Congratulations Laura and Paul!!

Here is a picture from Bo's Yale graduation, May 2008. 
Left to right... Brooke, Laura, Bo and their good friend Tate. (Laura's husband Paul was unable to attend the graduation because he is in medical residency in Alabama)