Monday, April 30, 2012

Easter 2012

Easter 2012, Crockett's 2nd Easter. Seems weird that my little buddy is doing things for the 2nd time. 

Let's reminisce for just a second.
Easter 2011
{Crockett 7 weeks old}

Easter 2012
{Crockett 13 months}

We spent Good Friday and Easter weekend at Mama C and Bogey's lake house. Relaxing, golfing, eating and Masters watching. It was a sweet treat to spend time away!

Crockett and his Bogey playing baseball. Looking forward to MANY more real games of toss! 

Blowing bubbles with Mama C... This is Crockett's signature face! I hope it never stops! 

Crockett loves to be in the water! We had to microwave water for the baby pool. It was a little too chilly for the big pool this time! 

Saturday night we cleaned up and headed into Austin for the Easter service at Austin Ridge. Crockett did great in the nursery and we enjoyed a fabulous sermon from Brad!

 The only picture of Crockett next to his Easter basket. Sigh. 

Easter eggs full of Goldfish and Teddy Grahams! So exciting!!!

Sunday morning we packed up and drove home to Boerne. We did a quick turn around and headed over to The Srp's for a fabulous Easter lunch! 

Crockett has some of the cutest cousins and we are so thankful that we live so close to 4 of them! Can you see the resemblance? Ha. 

Srp cousins with their Mimi and Grandpa! 

Thankful for our extended family! 

Grandpa Lummen and his grandchildren and their families. He has 5 great grandchildren that love him too!

We had an Easter egg hunt after lunch. Crockett was a little slower than the other cousins... he wasn't walking yet, so hopefully next year he'll be able to keep up! 

Laura, Matt, Eli and Cullen showing off their loot!

Tracey, Mike, Hannah and Hailey. The girls looked precious in their matching dresses! 

Easter 2012 was spent celebrating our risen Savior with our families. I can't think of anything else I would rather do!