Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Man Cave?

"Man cave" or living room...
I personally love Mike's new mount!! I think it looks beautiful and is the perfect touch on our fireplace! He was a little offended that hanging his trophy did not make the DIY blog post... so I promised him a post just for this picture! 

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Easter Weekend

We spent Easter weekend in Horseshoe Bay with the Srp's. Tracey, and Hannah rode up with us on Friday. We met Jim and Kim at their condo,  sat on the porch and fed the ducks. Mike Yost drove in after work and we went on a walk to the Marriot resort. On the way we saw some beautiful bluebonnets and had to snap a few pictures of Hannah. Here are a few of my favorites!

On Saturday, Jim took us for a boat ride. It was a gorgeous day! Eli called to tell Hannah that he and his family were on the way. Here is a picture of Hannah talking to her buddy...

Baby Cullen is getting SO BIG!

Aunt Laura is really cool and agreed to let Hannah, Eli and Matt burry her in the sand!

Eli trying to pull his mom out...

Hannah decides to help out...

We all drove back to Boerne late on Saturday. Michael and I went to church at Oak Hills on Sunday and then had lunch with Jim and Kim. It was a great way to spend Easter weekend... I am blessed to have such a loving extended family!

March 2010

The best part about March is a two word phrase.... SPRING BREAK! It is a perk that I am blessed to still get to enjoy as a teacher! I spent the first part in Austin with my parents. The rest of the break was spent in Boerne "relaxing." 

Lauren and I went to Fiesta Texas and had a blast... we were reminded of our age each time we got off of a ride! We did the theme park experience to the max... junk food, rides, pictures with Scooby Doo and more junk food! It was awesome!

Eli celebrated his 2nd birthday on March 18th! We had a little family get together at Kim and Jim's. He is growing up to be such a good little boy... I think my favorite thing he does right now is when he does something that HE thinks is funny and he dies laughing... it is hysterical!!

We all pitched in a got Eli a "real" John Deer Tractor. It didn't take him long to learn how to drive it... I'm sure by now he has taken over their neighborhood!

Of course Eli was kind enough to share with his buddy Truitt... he looks pretty intense huh??

And little Miss Hannah wanted a turn too! She actually found the tractor in one of her catalogs, pointed to it and said, "For Eli's Birthday!" Thanks for the great idea H!

Truitt's little sister Torin... showing off her shopping bag pose!

Mavis, Hannah and Kim

Aunt CeeCee and Uncle Mike with Eli's baby brother Cullen. (4mo.)

Laura and her boys!! (It was St. Patty's day... love all the green!)

And finally.... Hannah had a VERY EXCITING SURPRISE for us.... coming in September!