Sunday, February 28, 2010


I am an HGTV junkie and often get ideas from the shows. Here are a few of my DIY (do it yourself) projects. I guess I should clarify... DIY in our house = yourself + hubby! Thankfully Mike is very willing to help and he never complains!

One thing I have learned is that a fresh coat of paint does wonders for a dull room. Here is our master bathroom before:
And the master after...
I also painted the laundry room... here is a picture before... (not sure why I took it at an angle)

Laundry room after...

My latest project was to turn our 3rd bedroom into a "bedroom!" Here is what it used to look like...
And here it is today... this bed was a hand me down from my parents when they moved this fall... I am so thankful to have it because I like for things to feel complete! We painted the walls a grey/blue but you can't really tell in the pictures.

Geneva Lately

As part of our curriculum in the 4th grade, we study the Middle Ages. Each student is assigned a role in the feudal system (King down to peasant) to research. We have a feast and faire to finish out the unit... it is always an amazing time for the students. They get a real life sense of what the Middles Ages was like. I dressed up in my lovely dress and thought you might like to see...
People often get us confused!
(MC was wearing red for heart health day)

As part of the curriculum in Kindergarten, the students celebrate the 100th day of school. Of course it is only appropriate for them to dress up like 100 year old people! Thought you might like to see MC as a 100 year old man!

MC's 24th Birthday!

MC turned 24 on February 1st! My parents came in town and we had a "dinner party!" It was the first time that I have ever set my dinning room table and used some of my Spode bird plates. I LOVED using the fabulous wedding gifts! Of course I had to take pictures!

Beautiful flowers from Costco... my mom did a fab job arranging them!

I'm a little more blonde these days...
(Fuzzy) but the Birthday couple!