Sunday, August 30, 2009

Remember When...

Remember when I was going to use this blog to keep a "journal" of Michael and my life.....

Apparently, I forgot about that goal! I really do have good intentions!

In-service starts tomorrow and I am very excited to start school! I have 14 little 4th graders this year and am looking forward to meeting them at Back to School Night on Thursday. This will be my second year at Geneva which will hopefully mean an easier year! Last year was fabulous... I just had a lot to learn!

Ok, end of summer re-cap...

Hannah turned 2 and we had a blast celebrating with her!

Cal was dedicated at 4 months old!

My parents moved!!

We bought a KING size bed and new bedding!!!

Our living room floor has turned into my "teacher work room"

Michael continues to travel... his current Wal-Mart is in Vernon, Texas... job starts tonight!

MC was babysitting a sweet family from Geneva this last week and we made a Slip'N Slide... it was SO MUCH FUN but my body hurts from running, falling and sliding on the ground!

The Lord blessed me with a fabulous, relaxing summer that is hard to say good bye to. I will miss sleeping in/watching the Today Show each morning but I'm ready for the adventures of a new school year!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


The word HOME comes to mind when trying to describe the last 3 weeks of our life. It has been a busy, family and friend filled couple of weeks!

To start, I headed to Galveston to visit my husband after being apart for almost 3 weeks. One of the jobs he is working on is in La Marque, Texas very close to Galveston. An apartment on Galveston Island is his HOME away from HOME. Here is a picture of us eating lunch on the beach!

After almost 12 years, my parents have sold their HOME and will being moving at the end of August! I am so excited for them! They will be moving into The Fairways at Barton Creek Country Club. Needless to say, both Mike Crockett and Mike Srp are pumped about being right on the practice putting green! Here is a picture of the HOME I grew up in.
For the 26th year in a row, we spent the last weekend of July with our dear friends, The Hardies, & The Shepards! What started out as 3 families spending the weekend at Horseshoe Bay at the Hardie's lake house has turned into quite a large gathering! We had to change the location to The Crockett's lake house a few years ago... my parents are happy to host the gang! Each year the group gets bigger, especially with the addition of grandkids!! Nothing says HOME like a weekend full of family & friends!

Pictured below (L-R): Christian & Mike Srp; Brooke & Bo Crockett (baby Cal); Amy & Ray Peeples (baby Ada); Sarah & Gate Davis (baby Eleanor); Robert Shepard; Stephanie & Derek Land (Paxton & baby Tatum)
Front row: Debbie & Mike Crockett; Susie & T Hardie; Cydney & Bobby Shepard.
Not pictured this year... Jenny & Taylor Shepard (baby Drew coming soon!) and M.C. Crockett.
A few more pictures from the weekend:
Uncle Mike and Cal Crockett
Aunt Christian & Cal Crockett
By far the BEST part of lake weekend this year, came in the form of a 15 lb. 3 month old named Cal Crockett!!! Brooke & Bo make the trek to TEXAS from Connecticut! It was such a treat to have them and a JOY to finally wrap my arms around baby Cal!! He is simply precious!! Here is a picture of Cal showing off his new cowboy boots from Aunt Christian and Uncle Mike!
My parents invited our extended family over for a "Meet Cal and Celebrate Bo's 29th Birthday Party!" Here are a few pictures from the celebration!

4 Generations!

Aunt Christian, Grandaddy, & Cal

The proud parents!

Bo & his proud parents!

Great Aunt Sue Beth & Great Uncle Jim

(Your Crazy Great Aunt Bebe)

Cal, Gran-Apples, Brooke

Of course Bo wanted to eat at Matt's El Rancho for his birthday dinner!

After spending time with my wonderful family in Austin, I headed HOME to Boerne for 2 days. Mike was in Humble working on a job with his buddy Rob. Lindsey and I decided to load up and head to Houston for the weekend. Lindsey's precious kiddos Truitt (almost 2) and Torin (7 mo) came along for the ride! The girls and Truitt spent Saturday at the Galleria while Mike and Rob played golf... I have a feeling this wasn't the last time for this combo! It was so fun spending the whole day with the Tucker's! We all met up for some dinner at California Pizza Kitchen and ice cream at Baskin Robbins! Truitt was so excited about his ice cream cone and he got it all over his face!
Michael and I stayed in Houston on Sunday and Monday. My mom's best friend Kathy Burney went HOME to be with the Lord on Tuesday, July 28th. She was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer 9 years ago and finally lost her heroic battle. We joined hundreds of people on Monday to celebrate her life. Before she died, Kathy asked my mom to speak at her funeral on behalf of her family. With the Lord's help, my mom did a fantastic job reading letters to Kathy from each of her 4 kids. Kathy was a wonderful mother, grandmother "Khaki" and friend. She holds a special place in our hearts and she is missed dearly! Below is a picture of Kathy at Michael and my wedding in 2007.
After a sad day, Michael and I traveled HOME to Boerne on Monday evening. It will be a treat to have my hubby HOME for the next few days!! Plus, my sister comes HOME from Alaska tomorrow!!