Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Crockett's 1st Easter

We celebrated Easter in Boerne this year. Michael and I decided that Easter Sunday would be the perfect time to take Crockett to church for the first time. Ha. Although it was great to be back at Oak Hills, it might have been a better idea to live stream at home.

Crockett's mommy woke him up to get all dressed up and she paid for it. Yes, he looked PRECIOUS in his Easter outfit (thanks Mama C) but I learned a huge lesson... NEVER EVER EVER EVER wake a sleeping baby. 

He did great for the first 30 minutes but just as Max began to preach Crockett started to fuss. I made a rookie mistake and ran out with Crockett and NO diaper bag. Thankfully I had a paci but diapers and bottle were neatly packed in the diaper bag on the floor under my chair. Thankfully a sweet usher sensed my panic after about 10 minutes and offered to go in and get the bag! 

After church we ate lunch at home. Thankfully I had cooked a pot roast over night so I was able to tend to Crockett. He went down for a nap and slept for 4 hours... after filling our bellies, Michael and I also caught a few zzzz...

4 hour nap should make up for waking Crockett up right? Not exactly. But we headed to the Srp's for the evening. 

Aunt Laura has THE TOUCH. She was able to calm the little mister down... he slept in her arms for a good 30 minutes! 

Sitting outside watching his older cousins hunt Easter eggs. Cousin Hannah shared a fish sticker with him... so sweet! It calmed Crockett down for a few minutes.

Quick... take a family picture while he isn't screaming!

Crockett's dark hair is one of my favorite things because it was such a surprise! It's beginning to thin and I wanted to remember what it looked like.

Hey... let's take a cousin picture! It went surprisingly well. Cousin Eli did an EXCELLENT job holding Crockett!

 Eli Srp, Crockett Srp, Cullen Srp, Hailey Yost, & Hannah Yost

Then it was time for a sibling picture... can you believe we were able to get all the babies to sit still again!?!?! Impressive!

 (Left to right)
Christian, Michael & Crockett Srp... Tracey, Hailey, Hannah & Mike Yost... Laura, Cullen, Eli & Matt Srp

Crockett spent the rest of the evening crying... so no more pictures...

Except this precious one of his Pa calming him down. In fact he was able to get some really cute smiles and coos out of him! 

In the end, we were exhausted but Jesus is Risen... He is Risen indeed!

Christian Srp will never ever wake a sleeping baby... no matter how cute the outfit.

Best & Worst

Crockett is settling into a schedule and routine. He is sleeping at least 7 hours each night. His mommy and daddy are loving it!

Between eating, sleeping and pooping... Crockett has a "best" and "worst" part of the day. 

Let's start with the "worst":

Tummy time. 

The poor kid hates it. He usually lasts about 1 minute before crying. 

We had tummy time outside this week and lasted about 1.5 minutes before we cried.

Now the "BEST" part of Crockett's day:


Crockett LOVES to lay in his bath tub! He also LOVES to be covered by his turtle wash cloth because it keeps him warm. 

Although he hates to be taken out of the tub, once he is wrapped up in a towel he is super happy! 

We get some of our best "coos" and baby noises right after bath time. Crockett especially likes to make them for his daddy.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sip 'n See

On Sunday, April 17th Crockett had a Sip 'n See in Boerne. My precious mother-in-law and sisters-in-law hosted a fabulous party! 

Mama C and Bogey came to Boerne from Austin. Bogey and Michael hit the golf course while my mom and I got Crockett bathed and dressed for the party. 

 Note the peace sign as he spits up... well played Crockett!

Crockett's Mimi wrote an adorable poem on the invitation. The party was at her home and it was stunning as always! She has incredible decorating talent!!

One of the hostesses my sister-in-law Laura looking stylish as usual! 

Crockett was on his best behavior! He slept the whole party and was not phased by different people holding him. I was so thankful and proud! 

The beautiful hostesses... I love that I have such special family that live so close!

My precious mommy... couldn't have made it through the last 6 weeks of being a mom without her wisdom and encouragement!

Crockett's future babysitter Miss Jeanne Arthur. She lives in our neighborhood but is going to Baylor in the fall... we will miss her!

Sweet friends... Brittney, Lauren and Tracey. Brittney is expecting Crockett's future buddy Miss Reese Yost at the end of the summer!!

 More sweet friends... Hayley, Tracey, Courtney and Melissa. Loved catching up and loving on Crockett with them! 

Little mister finally woke up and Mama C was to the rescue with a bottle! 

Of course we had to snap a few pictures with Crockett's cousin Hailey Yost. They are about 6 months apart and will hopefully be as good of friends as Hannah and Eli! 

Crockett has started cooing and it is so precious! 

Taking advantage of my little mister all dressed up in his Easter outfit. He looked adorable!

 Aunt Cece with Hannah and Crockett. She is a great big cousin!!

Michael's cousin Conrad is married to precious Melissa... So glad that she came! 

Crockett was exhausted after a long day of being in the spotlight! He found the perfect place to nap! I think daddy was snoozing too! 

Thank you Mimi, Laura and Tracey for a fabulous party! It was a treat to show Crockett off and introduce him to many dear friends. We are blessed to have such thoughtful and generous family!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Our First Night Out

Michael and I had our first night out on Friday, April 8th. One of my friends from BSF and Geneva got married. Crockett is blessed to have a Mimi and Pa that live right around the corner. They love to babysit and we are so grateful!

Deets and Hayley's wedding was at the Lost Mission Ranch right outside of Boerne. It was a fabulous setting and a beautiful evening! 

We were seated with the other Boerne Srps. We loved every minute of adult conversation without our little man to interrupt. 
Laura Srp, Christian Srp and Melissa Srp

Crockett had a great time with his Mimi and Pa. He was wide awake when we got home, but after a little late night snack he slept through the night! 

Trip to Austin

Crockett and I went to Austin last week to visit Mama C and Bogey. Crockett got to see and meet some of my favorite people while we were there. 

We met Carolyn Ann after work at Motzarts on Tuesday. It was so fun taking Crockett to a very "Austin" venue. 

On Wednesday morning Crockett got to meet his future buddy Hunter Robinson. Crockett and Hunter were born 13 days apart. Although they are very close in age it was fun to see the differences that a few days make! 

Kimberley and I have been friends since 8th grade. It is so fun to share this special time together. We compared being a new mommy and asked each other a million questions. Can't wait to get together again!!

After our visit with Mama C's friends (I forgot to take pictures), Crockett cuddled up with his Mama  C for a night of Dancing With the Stars and The Mentalist. 

While we were in Austin we also got to have lunch with my friend Katherine. The day before we left for Austin, I got this in the mail...
 Such a cute way to ask me to be in her wedding! I cannot wait to stand next to her as she and Whit say their vows. They are a precious couple and I am SO excited for the wedding!! 
Whit and Katherine after the big proposal!