Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I'll Take It!

As you know, my husband is out of town a lot for work. He is currently overseeing two Wal-Mart remodels... one is Humble, Tx and the other is in La Marque, Tx. He has been super busy lately traveling back and forth between jobs putting out fires and dealing with the headaches of construction. Not to mention the fact that he has a new remodel starting in Del Rio, Tx very soon. 

In 2 days I am hopping on a plane to Houston to visit Michael! I have not seen him in 17 days! 

We thought it made more sense for me to fly to Houston and stay the weekend than for Michael to drive 4 hrs to Boerne on Thursday night... 4 hrs to La Marque on Sunday... and 7 hours to Del Rio on Monday! So, I will join him in relaxing Friday and Saturday in Houston! He has to work Sunday night but I am going to stay and ride with him to Del Rio on Monday... here is a map of our "Summer Vacation!" 

It's not exactly a vacation at the beach... but I'LL TAKE IT if I get to be with my hubby!!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

While He's Away...

Since Michael has been traveling so much for work lately, I have been filling my time with friends and family. I spent 5 days in Austin last week helping my parents clean out all of my old stuff. They put their house on the market this week, so we had to clean out and stage my sister and my bedrooms. After 4 days of cleaning out, reminiscing, sweating, and repainting the final product was amazing! Rumor has it there maybe a contract in the works! 

We took a few breaks to get a snack from Yogurt Planet... the do-it-yourself yogurt place... you can fill your cup up with as many flavors and toppings as you like and then you place it on the scale and pay per oz. I filled mine with a little peanut butter yogurt and mostly vanilla with fresh strawberries... yummy!! 

I have also had the privilege of hanging out with my precious niece Hannah. My mother in law usually watches her 3 days a week, but she is in Hawaii visiting her sister... so Auntie Christian is filling in! We went to music class at Gymboree, bought a new baby doll at Target, gave the new baby a bath and have been to the park a couple of times. Here are a few pictures...

On our way to Gymboree... Hannah's first time to ride in Auntie Christian's car

Walking to the park... Hannah picked the "lello" flowers for her mommy!

Speaking of bath time... every night I take a bath and read before I go to bed. Emerson usually hops up on the side of the bath tub and falls asleep on the ledge while I'm soaking. The other night he laid down and placed his head on my shoulder... it was simply precious! He is a cuddle bug and makes you feel so loved! I took a picture with my phone because I wanted Mike to see how cute Emerson was being while he was gone... I know it's a little strange but I thought I would show you so I could brag on my kitty!
The last adventure for this post... my friend Lindsey asked me to meet her at this super cute store called Bitter Creek Designs today. It's a bead store that you can select your beads and create your own necklace. I was overwhelmed with all of the amazing beads... of course I went with my usual of turquoise but I think it turned out great... I can't wait to wear it!! Thanks Lindsey for the fun date! Let's do it again soon!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

A-Open Golf Tournament

I am long over due for a post... sorry! 

Michael and his best friend Robert Tucker played in the A-Open Golf Tournament a couple of weekends ago. The tournament was in Austin at the University of Texas Golf Club and Barton Creek Lakeside. My dad's college fraternity (SAE) puts on the tournament as an annual reunion... always plenty of fun to go around!! Here a are a few pictures from the weekend...

Tucker and Srp

Tiger and Elin

My Mikes... I love them both so much!!

The Srps and the Tuckers

My fabulous parents!