Tuesday, May 15, 2012

April Showers

Since I am behind again... how about an "April shower" of pictures?!?! Ok, great! 

All dressed up for a wedding! 

Cullen & Crockett

Someone didn't want to have his picture taken. But look how handsome he is!

We have a new Thursday play group! Sanders and Field are quickly becoming two of Crockett's best buddies! 

Crockett has learned how to slide and he LOVES it! On his bottom or tummy... just as long as he gets to do it again when the slide ends! 

We spend many mornings and afternoons outside. Crockett LOVES to be outside!! 

Hot & sweaty from a fun park play date!

More on this AWESOME water table in another post... but for now look how much Mister LOVES it!

Crockett and I loaded up and headed to Austin for a long weekend to celebrate and shower my sister and baby Martin. (Due in July!) We visited Aunt Bebe and Papa while we were in town. It is always a treat to see them! 

My Papa celebrated his 92nd birthday this month!!

Miss Sadie Bray Martin will be here this summer! Crockett is SO excited to finally have a girl cousin on his mommy's side of the family!! 
{Diaper cake made by my amazing sister in law Brooke!}

Lucy Bell, Crockett & Hudson... such a sweet group of babies! 

With my beautiful sister... the guest of honor! 

We took Crockett swimming while we were in Austin. The kid LOVES the water! 

Apparently I LOVE the water too... wow. 

While I substituted at Geneva, Crockett got spoiled by a whole day with daddy!! 

He even got to go to daddy's office! 

 Crockett's 1st trip to the San Antonio Zoo! 
Unless the animals were moving, I'm pretty sure he thought they were rocks. 

My sweet friends Jamie and Brittney with their adorable girls!

Crockett, Ella, & Reese


Someone is ready for a nap!

Lastly... a little of why I have been slow to blogging. 

That my friends is an arm covered in blisters from a cooking oil burn. In case you didn't know... adding WET fish to a hot oiled pan results in a major reaction! Thankfully I am recovering and it looks as though I will only have a handful of visible scars. I also have a large blister on my thigh. 

Thankfully, Crockett was no where near the stove and I was the only one injured. This accident HURT and I was miserable for about a week but I am much better now! Michael has been really helpful and sweet... I told him the best medicine was sympathy and he did a GREAT job of giving it! 

Ok... I already have a folder on the desk top full of May pictures... will blog again soon! {Promise!} 


  1. Yay for updates! Boo for those burns... ouch!

  2. Christian!!! I had no idea about the burns. I'm so sorry! I want to hear more details during our Thursday playgroup this week. Love our playdates! And Crockett at the wedding in his bowtie?!? Adorable!!! So fun that you are subbing at Geneva. Want to hear more about that too! :-)