Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

We spent Memorial Day weekend with our families in Horseshoe Bay and Spicewood at the lake! It was so much fun!

Hailey is 6 months older than Crockett and it shows in the little things! 

 Swimming in the hot tub at Mimi & Grandpa's lake house in Horseshoe Bay! 

Crockett LOVES LOVES LOVES the water!!

After a day at Mimi & Grandpa's we drove to Spicewood to Mama C & Bogey's lakehouse! Can you say spoiled?!!?! 

Guess who was in town?!?
The one and only... Uncle Joe III and Aunt Emma!

Swimming with Aunt Emma & Sadie Bray!

Flashback to summer 2011... 

Summer 2012... Look how much I have grown!! 

When the boys got home from golf, we cleaned up and packed up to head home for a Sunday Mexican dinner with friends! 

Mama C cuddling with Mister while we packed the car... it is AMAZING how much you take with you for just 1 night when you have a little one!

Mama C & Bogey with their 2nd grandson... did you know they have 3, yes 3 grandDAUGHTERS coming in a few months??!?! SO exciting! 

On Monday, we headed out for a little family adventure. 

 Daddy took us to the Cibolo Nature Trail! How did I not know that this gem existed in Boerne until now?!?!? 

Crockett's new favorite thing to point out... teeth! 
{Maybe because he is currently cutting 6!}

Our little hike was the perfect way to spend Memorial Day! 

This little boy LOVES to be outside! 

So... not as many cousin pictures as I would have liked... but enough to document a fun filled weekend! Thankful for family time and an extra day with daddy home!! 


  1. Hang on... does this mean Brooke is pregnant with twin girls?? (Trying to do my math about your parents getting 3 granddaughters in the coming months...)

  2. What a fun weekend!!! As always I love gettin to play with Mister!!!