Friday, May 25, 2012

May Update

Crockett {we} had a rough first few weeks of May. 
Mommy burned {check}
Baby with 102+ fever {check}
Mommy & baby stomach bug {check}
Baby ear infection {check}
Baby cutting 6 teeth {check}

But all of that didn't stop us from having a little fun!! 

Look how tall my little love bug is getting?!?! 

Practicing coloring... a kid after my own heart!

 Three fabulous families in our community are pursuing international adoption. We ran {walked} in the OneLess 5K to support our friends. 

The Matt Srp family
{baby #3 due in Dec!!!!}

The Mike Srp family
{Still recovering from the stomach bug}

Laura's mom, Matt, and Mike Yost all won metals in the race for their age group! Mike technically won the whole thing... he ran the 10K and lapped us as we walked the 3K. Ha!

Mimi celebrated her 60th birthday on May 10, 2012! 
Poor thing was really sick so we postponed our celebration until Mother's Day afternoon. 

Crockett LOVES his Mimi!! 
And not just because she shared her cake with him!

So, Mimi is the one who taught Crockett to "shake his booty!" I will post a video of this if I can figure out how... it is his signature move! The birthday card that we gave Mimi played the shake your booty song when you opened it! Needless to say, Crockett LOVED it and danced every time he heard the music. 

Crockett walked around the house with the beloved card.

Crockett and his Grandpa!

Mimi & Grandpa's house is so much fun! They let the kids sit on the pool table and play with the balls. Crockett is still learning to roll and not throw... 

This was Crockett and my 2nd Mother's Day! 

He has stolen my heart.

Can you believe I get the privilege of playing with this cutie all day everyday?!?! 
Me either. 

We are off to the lake to celebrate Memorial Day with our families. This can only mean more pictures and a blog post next week!! 

Oh, and in case you were wondering, Crockett is all better and HYPER! We think he finally feels good and is loving life... we are loving the constant smiles, giggles and goofiness! 


  1. Davis is wearing a blue polo just like that one today, minus the super cute monogram! I appreciate that your earrings match it perfectly :)

  2. So precious! Fun times and fun family, :-)